Monday, July 16, 2012

Maruchan Instant Lunch - Beef

This ramen is alright. I can't eat the Nissin brand for allergy reasons, so I don't have much to compare with. This one has a seafood warning, but I am willing to risk that and so far it's been fine. This is just noodles in some beef broth, with a few carrots and corn and beef bits. It's a decent sized meal for the price, but as per ramen it's not that great. But it's OK.

Cost: 7/10 [1.00]
Taste: 6/10

Laura says: These are shockingly good for a noodle in a cup. I like the soupy part in the bottom that's just water the most. I would eat these if I needed a fast meal from a gas station anytime soon, but they're kind of inconvenient because you can't make them in the microwave that easily without another mug or something. 6/10

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