Thursday, December 14, 2017

Rothbury Farms Buttery Garlic Croutons

These are basically all you can ask for in a crouton -- nice and crunchy, not too big or too small, nice butter/garlic/spicy bread taste, but not too overwhelming, a resealable bag, and no peanuts. Not very compelling on their own, but with greens and a nice dressing, you have all you need for a good time. No issues here.

Cost: 6/10 (Maybe $2.50)
Taste: 7/10

Brother's All-Natural Fruit Crisps - Fuji Apples

I know this is, like, a Halloween size treat, but it's seriously one of the smallest single-serve snacks I've ever had. There were like 5 slices of apple in here. That said, since I know there are bigger sizes out there, the taste and texture are great. These are just dried apple pieces, no sugar or anything else added, so they aren't too sweet, they just taste like a nice apple piece. They aren't chewy or especially crunchy either, it's like biting into a wafer but the wafer is apple. I like them a lot as far as dried fruit goes.

Cost: 3/10 (maybe 1$, but you get so little)
Taste: 6/10

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Java Monster - Mean Bean

I don't really drink energy drinks, and if I did, I'd drink AMP as that's my initials (don't stalk me). However, I do drink coffee, and I like cans. So there's your background.

On first taste, this is pretty good: sweet, creamy, milky, coffee-y, but not TOO sweet like some bottled coffee drinks. On second taste/aftertaste, there's a weird sickly sour flavor, which I associate with regular Monster (maybe it's taurine)? That really brings it down. I did drink the whole can, but I wish they just made the "Java" first and not the "Monster" part, especially since I don't feel very wakeful afterwards and I wish I just had a coffee from DD instead. This is really convenient to carry with you, though, which is a plus.

Cost: 5/10 (2-3$)
Taste: 5/10

Monday, December 11, 2017

Brianna's New American Creamy Balsamic Dressing

Brianna's dressings are always solid, and they have a very stylish bottle. Ultimately this has a little too much oil and sugar for my liking (both health and taste wise) but still, a little squirt of this baby on some mixed greens and you've got a nice, tasty, classy salad. I also really like the new cap, which is a standard squeeze bottle instead of the open faced pour. Easy portion control! Not much to say about this -- a bottle lasts a long time, but I'll probably use quite a bit of it, since it's a convenient way to make a nice meal (meal in the loose sense of the word, perhaps).

Cost: 5/10 (about 3.50)
Taste: 6/10

Sunday, December 10, 2017


My first experience with a Fuddrucker's was just OK! They don't have any allergy info online, despite being a chain, which is frustrating. It's also counter service, and you can order on a touch screen, which is cool but bad for allergy questions. Was able to ask an employee if they use peanut oil though, and they said no. The menu also appears to be nut-free except the desserts and some almonds on salads.

So, I got a custom burger combo (1/3lb) with mushroom and cheese and avocado. It came with a drink and a side; I picked a side salad. Turns out this cost 14$, which seems like way too much, but maybe I ordered dumbly. Anyway, the burger was good, definitely juicy and I liked the mushrooms a lot. They also have a little toppings bar for lettuce/tomato/onion/sauce if you eat in, which is nice and it looked very clean. The side salad was generous and tasty, although I didn't get dressing because they only have Italian and ranch types (no red or orange stuff!). We also ordered to-go and they gave us for-here, but I liked eating there so it worked out. Plus they just opened, so we'll give it time.

One other downside about the touchscreen ordering though: you can't customize the salads. So I wanted a Cobb salad with no bleu cheese but there was no way to order this! Otherwise the venue is chill.

Cost: 4/10 (10-20$)
Taste: 6/10

Q says: Pretty good, I liked it. 7/10

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Iron Hill Brewery

I've always liked Iron Hill; they have good, nice food and good fun beer. Whenever I tell them I have a nut allergy, they're responsive and comforting about it. But today I went with my parents and the waiter was like "OK but is it a serious allergy? Because we have nuts all over the place!!" and I was like "?????!!!!". But I didn't die and they also have an allergy menu and I think that guy might just be new or something. Anyway, don't let that deter you, me. I like the pulled pork and the margarita pizza with mushroom and spinach. I tried the ribs but they were weirdly sweet (but very tender). I got a Belgian Blonde beer and it was a solid IPA, and a Witbeer is a good standby in general. Today, since my parents were paying, I got the Flat Iron, which came with fajita veggies and a chipotle sauce. I really like flat irons, and the sauce was pretty strong mexican flavor, but it was good. It came with smoked mac 'n cheese with breadcrumbs, which was obviously good, it's mac and cheese. Mmm. I ate all of it and was pleasantly full! A solid meal.

Cost: 4/10 (about 15-20 a meal)
Taste: 7/10

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

MOD pizza

I was so happy that a MOD finally opened near me!!! It's only natural to give pizza the chipotle/subway/saladworks treatment, and I'm so into it. Mine also has shakes, salads, and random quinoa bowls (and charcuterie plates), none of which contain nuts (some are may-contains though). What a beautiful thing. The prices are also fixed no matter so many toppings you add, like Qdoba, which is good for a girl like me who loves toppings but wants to get the cheapest option always. Anyway, it isn't Jimmy-Johns fast, but for a pizza it's pretty fast (about 5 minutes). The price is about 8 bucks, which is OK. They have a ton of veg options, though, plus seasonal things, plus garlic!! Plus shakes!! God is good.

I thought even though I love the custom life I should try some of the premades too, so here goes:

Dillon James: This has garlic, asiago, and tomatoes. I love garlic but I think I don't love asiago, and something in this bad boy tasted a little soapy?? Hopefully the asiago and not the tomatoes or crust, but further eating will reveal the truth. Anyway, not into it, boring and too much asiag. Garlic is amazing though. And the basil was just "there" -- maybe that's the soaper? Hmm. 5/10

Cost: 6/10
Taste: 8/10
Ethos: 10/10