Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jack Link's Sweet & Hot Beef Jerky

As was pointed out to me, this is some salty jerky. I mean, all jerky is salty. But dang.

Anyway, other than that, this is decent. Not too fatty or whatever. And it tastes good. I thought "hmm, sweet and hot? sounds bad!" but it ISN'T bad. It's a nice meat flavor, definitely not sweet in a weird way. Not too hot either, unless I don't have any water and I'm stuck in class and it's like "oh man, this is hot after all; it burns; it burns."

Anyway this was on sale so I'm happy with it.

Cost: 5/10
Taste: 7/10

Mediterranean Grille

This is a fairly new resto for Newark's Main Street. And it's mostly nut free! Furthermore, they're very friendly and knowledgable. Noice. I've always enjoyed it; even though the food isn't amazing, it's never BAD either.

Chicken Marsalla: Really good. Big portions, and the linguini is oily as fuck (but in a good way).

Chicken Souvlaki Sandwich: Good sauce, good meat, good veggies. Good side options. I enjoy this food.

Pork Souvlaki: Kebobs! I could take it or leave it, but a healthy option is good, and the side of rice is very nice.

Cost: 6/10
Taste: 8/10


I just don't like it. However, they're always open, and the price is right. So it's tough.

Coffee: coffee is bad.
Cappuccino: Sweet. Bad. (French Vanilla, anyway).
Hot dog: Oh my god, hot dog is bad!! But also kinda good. Put some ketchup on that.


Cost: 8/10
Taste: 4/10

Chips Ahoy Ice Cream Creations

What a strange and beautiful thing. Really, I got these because they sounded disgusting, and also, were 1.50$ each. What a world. Anyway, I got one of each. Here we go.

Dulce de Leche: These are solid. They are the only non-chewy ones! Tastes like a regular sugar cookie, which is nice.

Mint Chocolate Chip: These are chocolate cookies, which I don't really like, but the mint choco chips are good green joy nuggets. Not terrible but I wouldn't seek them out.

Mocha Chunk: If you like coffee, these are good. Because they taste like little coffee chips inside of a boring-ass chips ahoy cookie.

Root Beer Float: It sounds bad. And you know what? It is bad. It's terrible. It tastes a little bit like root beer. And a little bit like somebody spilled root beer on your cookie. Sweet Jesus.

All in all, some of these are OK. But for like 300 calories a cookie or something? ? ? Please.

Cost: 8/10
Taste: 5/10