Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dean's Sweets - Truffles (Assorted)

[picture coming soon]

So, I heard about this nut-free choco operation (running out of Portland, ME) after my disappointing experience with those tofu-filled chocos. I picked a variety of flavors, and got a variety of tastes! Overall it seems like a good quality place (though pricey, of course).

Milk Chocolate Truffle: Great. Basically what you'd want, what you'd expect. Milky, firm outside, and smooth creamy inside. 8/10.

Blueberry Truffle: Sounded interesting, but this wasn't for me. Dark choco exterior, with a very ... tangy? bitter? blueberry inside. Reminds me of the blueberry Seth Ellis truffle, which is good quality but also wasn't for me. I think these bitter fruit flavor truffles are just not my bag, but it seemed to be along the lines of a standard blueberry truffle, so if you like them then you'd like this. For me, 4/10.

Salted Caramel: I think it's my favorite, possibly just because I really like caramel. It's quite good. A lot of salt flavor, and a thick caramel which is very sweet. Dense stuff! 8/10

Brandy: This one was just average. It wasn't too bitter like the blueberry, but it wasn't amazingly smooth either. If you really like brandy, maybe it is a good choice. I enjoyed it, but wouldn't get it again since there are much better flavors. Actually, the more I eat them, the more I like it, so I might need to rethink this. It's pretty good. 7/10

Brandied Orange Bar: The choco bars were all good (though small!!). This one tastes just like a chocolate orange.

Mocha Latte Bar: Very coffee-y! Pretty, too.

Maine Chip Bar: Could have used more chips, actually, but this was sweet and smooth and salty; probably my favorite bar so far.

Cost: 3/10 (the shipping is the kicker)
Taste: 7/10