Saturday, July 14, 2012

Catherine Rooney's

This is a nice little restaurant in Newark (and wilmington) DE. We got to sit out on the patio, which made me feel like I was on a nice beach vacation! The waitress was very polite and friendly which is sometimes hard to come by for young girls at a restaurant. Anyway, the menu is fairly nut-free, except they do offer peanut butter and apples on the kids' menu, as well as salads with walnuts in them. I ordered a New Orleans Pasta, which was pretty tasty but not the most amazing pasta in the world. It was in a cream sauce with tomatoes, so basically your standard chicken alfredo but with a little bourbon and spice in it. Not the healthiest option, but it was pretty good and definitely a large portion size. They also have a nice drink menu!

Southwest Chicken Salad: A great salad, but not if they accidentally put salmon on it! Luckily after Drubz complained they took it back and took down my address...hopefully for good things.

Cost: 4/10 [~15.00]
Taste: 7/10

Laura says: Yum! I like this place a lot. Especially sitting on the patio. I had a BBQ chicken sandwich and it was great! Their fries are really good and they have a lot of drinks that I want to try. I'd go here again soon. 8/10

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