Friday, July 13, 2012


I love Arby's! I think it's my 2nd favorite fast food joint. (If you're curious, Yoshinoya, Burger King, KFC, and Quiznos fill out my top 5.) Plus, I don't think there are any peanuts in the restaurant. There are pecans in the chicken salad though, so watch out for that. Anyway, I really like all their food, including roast beef, chicken, market freshes, and subs. They recently good rid of a ham market fresh sandwich that I really liked though, so that sucks. Also my mom just told me the bread is super unhealthy. And I thought they were market fresh! Whatever. Anyway, I enjoy the #15 combo (market fresh turkey sandwich) with either curly or regular fries, both are nice. They also have a great pepsi/dr. pepper drink selection.

Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich: This DOESN'T have bleu cheese, it has normal fried chicken, swiss cheese, and (very nice) ham, but also a TOOOON of mayo which is so gross (and no veg!). Without mayo it'd be OK, but with it it's so bad. The ham is tasty though! 6/10

Cost: 5/10 [~$6]
Taste: 8/10

Laura says: I love the curly fries and Arby's sauce especially. Also the chicken strips are great. Arby's all around is wonderful. 9/10

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