Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lean Cuisine Traditional Pepperoni Pizza

Laura says:

To be fair, I like most microwaveable pizzas more than other people seem to like them. The flavor's pretty good and the pizza isn't too tiny. I like that the crust is fluffier than it is crispy so it feels bigger than most frozen personal pizzas. The pepperoni is kind of lacking in flavor, but the sauce of the pizza is what I think I really like, flavor-wise. 7/10


  1. Ah, I should get this! I really like the Lean Cuisine pizzas - I think it's some of lean cuisine's best work (possibly because... its a pizza) but I also think they are one of the best frozen pizzas on market, which is pretty wild! Thanks, LB!

  2. So I ate this today and I liked it! I agree with LB's 7/10. A little empty, airy, etc, but not unpleasant.