Sunday, September 22, 2013

Outback Steakhouse

Famous for the Bloomin' Onion (delicious calories) and for being my dad's favorite restaurant -- can't believe I hadn't reviewed it already! Outback has done a great thing lately and indicated dishes that may contain nuts with a special symbol on their menu. They don't have one for vegetarians, they don't have one for gluten free, they just have a nut symbol. Never in my life have I encountered such an amazing thing, especially by chance. I think it's fairly new, too. So great. Made my affections for a decent chain resto go way, way up!

Anyhoo, Outback always gives you a log of brown bread pre-meal (which is safe). Nice. I usually get ribs and a baked sweet potato, which is very tasty. Once I got a ribs + baked chicken combo, but the chicken was very boring so I don't recommend that. Other foods: Alice springs chicken is chicken with bacon and mushrooms and cheese on it....pretty darn unhealthy, but tasty of course! No-rules parmesan pasta = standard fettuccine dish, tasty and unhealthy too. Dad likes the coconut shrimp.

Watermelon vodka drinks are also good. ;9

Pricing is standard for a chain resto, maybe a little higher since it's steaks. Generally good quality food though, and always prompt service at ours.

Ribs and Sirloin Combo w/ side salad: This is too much meat! I should just get ribs, or a veg instead of a salad! I had heartburn and was sad afterwards, even though it tasted good.

New South Wales Sangria: Tastes like a sweet juice, but the only fruit is an orange and lime slice. Try again!

Taste: 7/10
Cost: 5/10

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