Sunday, September 8, 2013

On The Border

This is apparently a big chain, which explains why they have (a) a (confusing) allergen menu online and (b) a huge regular menu. We went to one in Elkridge MD with a big party, so service was really slow. However, they do ply you with infinite chips + salsa, which is nice. Salsa is a bit spicy, which is good. Chips are big wedges, which is funny. Anyway, that part was good. I also got a sangria, which was in a weird test-tubey glass, and was good (but not great). For food I ordered chicken fajita quesadilla, because it's so good at Fiesta Mexico, but here it was really not great. Just a generic quesadilla with a few cold peppers in it. Boo. I also tried their mexican rice, and although it did have corn in it and no peas (:D) I still didn't like it. Shrug!! For dessert, though, there was a Kalua Ice Cream Pie with no nut allergens, so I did enjoy that a lot. It was like an Oreo pie from Burger King, but fresher and with hot fudge on top. :9

Price was decent, too.

Cost: 7/10
Taste: 6/10

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