Sunday, October 6, 2013

Santa Fe Mexican Grill

This is one of those bars on Main Street that I (and undergrads) tend to overlook -- even though it's really good. I guess the drinks aren't especially cheap, but it's conveniently located to campus, the food is good, the service is good.

Also, they have 3$ breakfast burritos that are really good. Especially the ham one. And 1$ cups of coffee! And free chips and salsa! C'mon, man, this place is great.

Edits: OK, the burritos vary in quality. The good chipotle rosa sauce is crucial, and sometimes they do not include it! It seems the earlier in the day you are, the more likely you are to get this key sauce.

Other foods: Tierra: Idk wtf this is (basically bits of meat, cheese, and veggie?) with rice, but it was very good and reminded me of Fiesta Mexico. Olé!
Spinach Enchilada: "Meh." Came with Meh-y corn mush.
(red) Sangria: &yum;

Cost: 7/10 [wildly variable!]
Taste: 7/10

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