Sunday, August 26, 2012

Papa John's

For some reason, I've always been a detractor of Papa John's. OK, I know why, it's because ALL THEY HAVE is pizza/wings/breadsticks. No salads or sandwiches or anything else, so if you don't want pizza, PJ's isn't really the place for you. And usually I don't want pizza! But today I had a thin crust (that's key) mushroom/tomato/pepper/onion/spicy italian sausage pizza (square cut) with BBQ wings and extra pepperocinis. They give you free sauces with everything too! Anyway, the pizza was pretty good actually -- better than Domino's thin crust pizza, which I also liked. I think the mushroom & sausage were key/the only toppings I really liked, but it was nice. Good sauce, good crust, good flavor. Or maybe I was just really hungry?! The wings were good too, also not great. The sauce smells a little strange, but once you start eating it it's all good. Very moist. And the peppers win every time of course.

Cost: 6/10
Taste: 7/10

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