Tuesday, August 28, 2012


If you don't like Chipotle, I don't know what to tell you!! Even my non-allergy-having peers like it fairly well. True, there isn't much variety on the menu, but it just tastes good. They also don't have any nuts there! I like the bowl or the soft tacos best. Anyway, it's just the right size to fill me up and it's also not too cheesy (if you don't get cheese, I mean) or greasy or anything fast-foody. So I enjoy it very much!

 My order is variable depending on if I'm paying or not (ha ha); if I'm not then I get steak, guac, brown rice, mild salsa, corn, and lettuce, and if I am then I drop the guac and switch chicken for steak. ;D

Taste: 8/10
Cost: 5/10

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