Thursday, February 24, 2011

Seth Ellis Truffle Assortment

My greatest weakness, chocolate-wise, is definitely truffles. Yum. I was thrilled to get the chance to try these, especially since they're so hard to find. But they're delicious, and I love that this assortment has so many different flavored truffles/chocolate pieces in it. It comes in a nice, thick box too! Opening it was like opening a nice old book. The different chocos are:

Blueberry truffles: these look like little witches' hats, and they taste like little witches' truffles! Very liquidy cream filling (ok that sounds gross, but it's not. It's choco, but it's not thick or too dense inside. It's good!) and creamy chocolate exterior. Yum.

Dark chocolate truffles: These are dark chocolate squares with a white horizontal line across the top. Tastes like dark chocolate! (It was fun because I didn't know what flavor it would be, and I wasn't totally sure it WAS dark choco until I was done. I could imagine that it was milk choco, coffee, or even caramel. Shows what I know about taste, heh.) Anyway, yum again!

Raspberry Truffles: These are dark chocolate rectangles with a pretty dark red 'x' swirl. They have a very strong raspberry taste; you can tell it's real fruit because there are even little hard raspberry seed part things in the filling! It's sweet and delicious. Yum x3.

Coffee Truffles: So, I don't drink coffee, I don't like coffee ice cream (though I love the smell), but I'm a huge fan of these truffles (surprise surprise!). They're rectangles with one coffee bean on top, and they're very good. They taste like vacation in a hotel or staying up late to do homework (my only coffee experiences). Anyway: yum!

Ginger Truffles: Verrrry interesting. These look like pretty gumdrop shapes with yellow-orange splotches on top. They have a very strong ginger flavor with only a hit of dark chocolate, kind of like a ginger snap but without the snap and with more ginger. I think it's my one of my least favorites just because it's so very intense!

Lemon Truffles: Man, a lot of these truffles look like game pieces! Anyway, it's a dark chocolate square with a small yellow square of yellow fondant on top. It tastes like lemon inside, all right! It's sweet and lemony and refreshing. Yum! I will say that by this point, I started to wish more of the truffles were milk chocolate covered instead of dark chocolate, but I think that's just personal preference. Anyway, I repeat: Yum.

Mint Truffles: A rectangle with a green swirl and dot on top. Note that these are SPEARmint truffles, not peppermint. It tastes a lot like eating a mint leaf. If I were a cat, I'd love this -- but I'm not a cat. Way too "spearmint gum that's mixed with creamy chocolate" weird for me. No yums. :(

Caramel Snobinettes: A stout little chocolate circle with a spiral on top of choco. These are quite gingery!! They're like a less-intense ginger truffle with a bit of caramel sensibility. Much better than the ginger truffle for me, but also not as nice as I expected from a caramel. (Sorry to be a "snobinette" about it!) Ho ho ho.

Candied Lemons: This is a dried lemon piece with chocolate coating. I don't know if it's just me, but the dried lemon was very...dry. Hard to chew through and not pleasant. I request softer lemons!

Milk Chocolate Truffles: No complaints here. Just a good old fashioned milk chocolate truffle. It's a square with a dark brown line across the top.

Cost: 4/10 (Truffles are expensive, but there's no avoiding that. It could be worse. Plus: organic!)
Rating: 7.5/10 (Good taste, great look. I'll be back, truffles!)

Laura says: "what?" because I ate them all myself. Sorry, Laura.

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