Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Amanda's Own Chocolate Hearts ~ Cello Bag

First of all, my name is Amanda, so the idea of a company called "Amanda's Own Confections" that sells allergen free snacks is basically the dream I imagined for my own future, so it's pretty great! Anyway, I got this cute bag of semisweet heart chocos for Valentine's Day, and it was very cute, all tied up with a little ribbon. The chocolates are decently sized and a perfect thickness for biting into. They don't melt in your hands, either! In essence, they're just semi-sweet dark chocolate, so there's nothing really unique taste-wise, but if you want a semisweet chocolate with no nuts, this is a fine choice!

Cost: 5/10
Rating: 6/10

Laura says "dark chocolate? in MY mouth? :/" aka 4.5/10

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