Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rice-A-Roni (Chicken)

Is it just me, or is Rice a Roni just not very good? I keep buying it, of course, because it's cheap and very easy to add meat or vegetables to. What's more, there's 3+ cups of rice in those little boxes, so it's a filling, sensible choice when it comes to a Reasonably Healthy Dinner For Two.

At the same time -- no matter how I follow the directions, this rice comes out either mushy or burnt. There's no middle ground. And if I ever decide NOT to add chicken or veggies to it, this rice is seriously bland, flavorless mush.

But I guess for 1$, I can't expect culinary perfection. So I'll probably buy it again - although I think the Fried Rice is a little better (though awfully similar) than the chicken flavor.

Taste: 5/10
Cost: 9/10

Laura says, "tastes fine to me! 7/10."

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