Friday, January 25, 2013

Maplehurst Everyday Favorites Mini-Cupcakes

What the heck?! Peanut free cupcake? In MY grocery store!? Wow. Amazing. First donuts, now cupcakes. The world really is changing. :')

Here's a link to the bakery's page:

I like this quote: “Until you’ve lived with food allergies, there’s no way to explain how a little cupcake could mean so much.” because it's true, as i'm sure you know.

Anyway, these are great! I haven't had much cupcake experience, it's true, but I like these a lot. The size makes them fun, the icing is standard in-store bakery cake icing (but as good as it gets within those parameters) -- I like the vanilla better, and the cake part is super moist. It's good. Not good FOR you, of course, but what cupcake is?! ;)

Cost: I didn't even look, haha.
Taste: 8/10

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