Friday, September 23, 2011

Guest Post: Biscoff Spread

This stuff is not a peanut butter substitute. Ok, yes, it's the same color and comes in a jar and you can eat it on bread with jelly, but Biscoff spread is now in my mind a completely different concept. I want everyone in the world to try Biscoff spread and then really evaluate if we ever need to eat peanut butter again as a society. Seriously. It's not the same. Don't go into it thinking that it'll smell or feel like peanut butter. It's not nearly as sticky as peanut butter or as thick. There's this picture on the top of the jar of a Biscoff cookie being crumbled up into the jar to form this spread, and that's as accurate of an understanding of the taste as I can give you using words. It's like cookies. You can just eat it by the spoonful. Or put it on toast or a cracker or scoop it up with a piece of chocolate and then just renounce peanut butter for the rest of your life. It's even a dollar cheaper than the I.M. Healthy SoyNut Butter (without a coupon)! I haven't tried cooking with it because I honestly don't want to waste a spoonful of it just in case it doesn't turn out well. It has an allergen warning for wheat and soy, so it's another great alternative to peanut butter if you want a jelly and something sandwich. Also, if you're a life-long peanut-allergy-haver, this would be the PB-alternative you should try first if you feel left out of the PB&J world.

Cost: 6/10
Taste: 10/10 (yes, it's that good!)

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