Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pat's Pizza

This is a solid pizza (/general italian foods) restaurant with a few locations in the Delmarpa area. They deliver to my department (and my apartment) and they have a nice building with karaoke and big TVs. In general, the food is pretty decent, but some things are better than others! The online ordering system is pretty good too.

Stromboli: not as great as I would hope. The crust is dry and hard and it's very similar to D.P. Dough's unexciting calzones. The filling is good but not great -- I think my favorite stromboli come from Your Place and Lisa's Cafe back in PA, but I digress. This is a mere 5/10. Huge portions though.

Regular Pizza: Very good! I was pleased and/or impressed. A medium is 6 slices. The crust is nice, the cheese and sauce are fine, and the mushrooms and broccoli were really good. The mushrooms reminded me of Sbarro mushrooms, which was great. Yum. 8.5/10

Italian Sub: Pretty good - standard sub. I don't like the lettuce but the overall flavor is solid. 7/10

Hamburger: Typical pub burger. Big and filling. Fries are good. 5/10

Wings: Boneless are bad but regular are quite good! BBQ sauce of course. 7/10

Ribs: Don't do it! 3/10

Cheese Steak: Don't do it! A lot like the boli but more stomachachey. 3/10

Chef Salad: A good salad! Spicy meats, decent size, love the Ken's French dressing :) 6/10

Tuscan Pasta: Basically ravioli in a different shape, in a buttery sauce with good brocco and adequate chicken. Comes with a salad and garlic knots, so a nice 2-meal meal. 7/10

Chicken Parm: Dependable, the spaghett and sauce are good and comforting, it comes with either 2 garlic knots (small) or 3 and a salad (full size). The chicken can sometimes be pretty burnt, but it's still solid and comes with cheese on top. What else could you want? Probably way too oily for anyone's good though! 8/10

Arrabiatta: This pasta dish is penne with chicken chunks, and a spicy marinara sauce. What with the 3 garlic knots and the salad, it's a solid 2-meal dinner option. The taste is just OK though; it's not as good as their spaghetti I think. But if you really like spicy sauce, this is decently spicy (although not overwhelmingly so). I like other dishes better but this is a nice, plain option. 6/10

Paesano: This is probably my favorite pasta choice; it's ziti in a light (not calorie lite but "they don't put on much" light) vodka sauce with a bunch of cheese (mozz?) on it. Plus your breadsticks/salad. It's really filling and tastes great, although I wish there were a bit more sauce and less cheese and a half portion available. Oh, there's also sausage circles in it! Those are OK, not great but it's good to have something else included. I eat a few of them. 7/10

Chicken Florentine: This was quite bad. The chicken had a weird off taste, dry and weird, and the noodles (which there were a lot of) were tasteless, even though I saw tons of parmesan sprinkled on top, they didn't taste oily or cheesy or garlicy or anything. Just bad noodle. Some spinach and tomato bits (very few) were the highlights. At least the side salad is always good. I got this trying to be relatively healthy and also get leftovers, but it's not worth it! Get something else! 4/10

Ham Sub: a little boring, a little dry, a lot of bread and not enough veg/cheese/mustard (definitely get with mustard though). Still edible and filling and not too oily. 6/10

Spaghetti with sausage: This is only 9.99 for the full size (for now), which is one of the better deals at Pat's. You get your nice salad and garlic knots, along with a ton of pasta and little sausage circles. As noted in Paesano's description, I don't love the sausage, but actually they are strangely compelling since they break up the pasta monotony here. They're probably really unhealthy but they don't make me itchy, and the pasta is solid, not too saucy or sauceless. Very filling, even for 2 meals. 7/10

Manicotti: This is 4-5 big pasta tubes full of ricotta, all baked in a little pasta sauce (not quite enough) and with melted mozz(?) on top. It's good, better than their ravioli, but not super amazing and definitely a lot of cheese for a sensitive tummy girl. Plus only 2 garlic knots! But the salad combo is still satisfying and nice. 6/10

Combo Club Sandwich: Generic deli meats (wet) and cheese, lettuce, tomat on 3 bread triangles, which is a format I'll never like or accept. It's OK but not great. Also I got fries instead of chips because she asked, but it cost 3+dollars extra, which is super dumb. This was not worth 12 bucks. 5/10

Cheesesteak wrap: A nice wrap, especially if you get it with mushrooms instead of lettuce because there's an e.coli scare in lettuce. For real, the mushrooms were really nice. It also comes with tomato, melty american (white) cheese, and weird curdy steak bits. It's oily but the overall wrap wasn't that huge (but still filling), so it was satisfying and nice. Comes with normal fries too. 7/10

Cost: 6/10
Taste: 8/10

Laura says: I like this pizza very much! Good pizza. Also speedy delivery. Except one time. 9/10

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