Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pat's Pizza

This is a solid pizza (/general italian foods) restaurant with a few locations in the Delmarpa area. They deliver to my department (and my apartment) and they have a nice building with karaoke and big TVs. In general, the food is pretty decent, but some things are better than others! The online ordering system is pretty good too.

Stromboli: not as great as I would hope. The crust is dry and hard and it's very similar to D.P. Dough's unexciting calzones. The filling is good but not great -- I think my favorite stromboli come from Your Place and Lisa's Cafe back in PA, but I digress. This is a mere 5/10. Huge portions though.

Regular Pizza: Very good! I was pleased and/or impressed. A medium is 6 slices. The crust is nice, the cheese and sauce are fine, and the mushrooms and broccoli were really good. The mushrooms reminded me of Sbarro mushrooms, which was great. Yum. 8.5/10

Italian Sub: Pretty good - standard sub. I don't like the lettuce but the overall flavor is solid. 7/10

Burger: Cheap but bad. Hard bun. Bad tasting! 3/10

Wings: Boneless are bad but regular are quite good! BBQ sauce of course. 7/10

Ribs: Don't do it! 3/10

Cheese Steak: Don't do it! A lot like the boli but more stomachachey. 3/10

Chef Salad: A good salad! Spicy meats, decent size, love the Ken's French dressing :) 6/10

Tuscan Pasta: basically ravioli in a different shape, in a buttery sauce with good brocco and adequate chicken. Comes with a salad and garlic knots, so a nice 2-meal meal. 7/10

Cost: 6/10
Taste: 8/10

Laura says: I like this pizza very much! Good pizza. Also speedy delivery. Except one time. 9/10

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