Saturday, March 3, 2012

Main Street Sliders

Overall I really like this place! And they use no nuts. Here's some foods:

Original Beef Sliders: Maybe I was just hungry, but these are delicious. Definitely better than White Castles EVEN THOUGH they have the same ingredients! (8/10)

Grilled Chicken Sliders: These are ok - a little plain and could use something else though. (6/10)

Fried Chicken Sliders: These are a bit better than the grilled ones but not because of the frying. They have a honey mustard sauce! (7/10)

Corn Nuggets: Not as good as Lisa's corn nuggets in PA, but still pretty good. It's rare to find corn nuggets in Newark anyway. So. (7/10)

Brocolli & Cheddar Nuggets: Nothing special. Don't get these! Plus I only got 6 and I was told I'd get 7! >:( (5/10)

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