Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dunkin Donuts

What!? A food allergy person eating dunkin donuts?! I know, I was surprised too, but my allergic friend Rachel told me that they're actually fairly nut-free. I gasped and then checked their nice website, and it's true! So I'm going to be trying a lot of donuts over the coming weeks, I fear...

Boston Kreme Donut: This is a custardy cream filled donut with chocolate frosting. it's really good, but I would prefer a white cream inside. Still good though, especially the non-cream parts. 7.5/10

Glazed Donut: Classic, right? It was actually a little dry, but overall pretty good. I liked it. Yum. 6/10

Blueberry Cake Donut: This is like a bagel or blueberry muffin that somebody glazed accidentally! It's really moist, but not what I want to eat when I want a donut. 6/10

Lucky Mint Donut: Sooo this has like 1000% fats in it and I just want to say I ate all these different donuts FOR SCIENCE, okay? Anyway, this is a choco donut with choco frosting and soft little peppermint pieces on top. I don't really like choco flavor cake stuff, but if I did I would like this. The mint part is really good anyway. 7/10

Vanilla Kreme Filled Donut: Aha! Regular Kreme. That's what I want in a Kreme. However the outside was crusty and tasted kind of like stale coffee....I hope I just got a bad one because the kreme is really nice. Why Kreme? This isn't Krispy Kreme. Oh well. 7/10

Vanilla Frosted with Rainbow Sprinkles: I didn't like this one too much; it was kind of dry or stale and the frosting wasn't great. I suspect it was expired! ;) Also I like filled or glazed donuts much better so this was just a bad pick by me. 5.5/10

Strawberry frosted with Sprinkles: Pretty good! The frosting actually tastes like strawberry (flavoring)! 7/10

Chocolate Frosted with Sprinkles: Meh. Better than vanilla, but nothing remarkable. 6/10

Oreo Crunch Donut: Ooh, it's on special. Tastes ok, but a bit messy and could use some filling or something. 6/10

Jelly donut: The donut part is good, covered in sugar; but the inside is meh. 6/10

French Cruller: Better than I thought! Kind of like glazed but a different texture; a bit like a funnel cake.  I liked it. 7/10

Cinnamon Cake Donut: Nooooooo. Tastes OK, if you like a thick, dry cake. 4/10

Iced Coffee: Pretty good. Pumpkin and caramel flavor, also good. Vanilla flavor is a little too cloying, I don't recommend that. (Original is best though).

Hot coffee: See above. Smaller but still good. I've been getting these (with cream or black) since they added the peel&win promotion, and I keep winning wake-up wraps, but anyway, hot coffee isn't as tasty as iced coffee and it makes me kind of sleepy, but it's a comforting warm drink on a cold day. like a cozy hot chocolate, but with the bonus of making me feel like an office drone (one of my favorite private fantasies). 8/10

Frozen Coffee: Good, but bad for you! A decadent treat. 8/10

Egg and cheese wake-up wrap: Super cheap, but terrible. The egg is the worst egg I ever tasted. 2/10

Hot Latte: nice, feels luxe, maybe bad if you're lactose intolerant, but i enjoyed it all the way :) plus no sugar! yay! 8/10

Turkey Sausage Wake-up wrap: a marked improvement over the no-meat option, but you can still kind of taste the floral notes. It's more filling though and the sausage is good. 4/10

Egg and cheese (on english muffin): OK, definitely better egg than the wrap, but still has a weird "DD" taste which is kind of floral and definitely no bueno. at least it has fiber? 4/10

Pumpkin Munchkin: This was great! Apparently I'm not allergic to munchkins, praise the lord. It tasted like a sweet pumpkin spice cake. 7/10

Glazed Chocolate Munchkin: Like an Entenmann's chocolate donut, so tasty but a little too rich for my blood. At least it's tiny! 5/10

Glazed Munchkin: I'm not sure how this is different from a "Glazed Cake Munchkin", but it's amazing. Warning: 10 of them is like 700 calories. I know because I ate 10 of them. 8/10

Bacon Egg and Cheese (on English Muffin): So there's a deal for Bacon Egg Cheese on a croissant, which sounds good, but apparently croissants may contain nuts (like for real and not just their blanket warning). So I got english muffin. I couldn't really taste the bacon, but this is healthier and I didn't get the weird floral taste. Maybe I was hungry or maybe I'm getting used to it? 6/10

Ham Egg and Cheese (on English Muffin): This ham is like the McDonalds "ham", but worse! It's super weird and thick and salty. The egg this time was noticeably really egg-producty, watery, flaky, etc, which is also bad (although at least I didn't get that weird floral taste). Back to the drawing board (or to bagels). 4/10

Chocolate Frosted Donut: Was disappointed that this didn't have sprinkles, but actually it was pretty good. The frosting is just the right thickness and really tastes chocolatey. 6/10

Glazed Chocolate Cake Donut: Just like the munchkin, this is not great for me. Makes sense as I don't like cake donuts or chocolate cake very much. A strong Entenmann's vibe for sure. 5/10

Old Fashioned Cake Donut: Ugh, just so dry and boring. The worst choice that won't kill you. 4/10

Chocolate Frosted Donut: Surprised me with how good it was. Mine was fresh, moist, with just enough icing that had a real chocolate taste. Great work 7/10.

Iced Tea: Once I was sick so I got this instead of coffee. It comes with lemon and sugar if you want. When I was sick it was pretty great, though I don't want it any other time. But it's refreshing and good. 6/10

Brown Sugar Cinnamon Flavor Swirl: Only tried this in the iced coffee, but to be honest, it tastes exactly like the pumpkin spice flavor. Which I guess makes sense, as this tastes mainly like cinnamon and milk. It's OK, but by December I'm kind of over it. 6/10

Peppermint Mocha Flavor Swirl: This is a classic for a reason! It might be too sweet for iced coffee and too oniony in hot coffee (or is that the coffee??) but in a latte it's perfect. Basically a cheap version of starbucks. A lovely chocolate mint vibe if you like chocolate and mint at all. 9/10

Bacon Egg and Cheese Wake-up wrap   You can't really taste the bacon in this, but they use American yellow cheese so it kind of tasted like a small grilled cheese in a tortilla, which isn't the worst thing. Plus only 200 calories! 5/10

Veggie Egg White Wake-up wrap:   This was way better than I thought; the egg white has little bits of mushroom/pepper/??? in it, and it's definitely better than the egg yellow. Then there's some shredded cheese, which is very nice! 6/10

Ham Egg and Cheese Wake-up wrap:   This is just fine; it's really similar to the bacon one but just with a stronger deli ham vibe, which is good if you really want some low quality protein I guess. It's more filling than some of the other wraps, though. 5/10

Sweet Black Pepper Bacon Egg, and Cheese (on English Muffin): This is more expensive than regular bacon, so you'd assume it's better. It does taste more premium -- it really is sweet, which is a little weird, like a holiday ham, and there's definitely black pepper on it too. It was more chewy than the regular bacon. The sandwich overall was kind of bland and watery though, I think I like regular bacon actually better! 5/10

Vanilla Truffle Donut: This is a heart-shaped donut with nice chocolate curls on top and what seems to just be vanilla cream filling. And vanilla icing. It's like 450cals, but it is good, also. 8/10

Frosted Vanilla Kreme Donut: This is Boston Creme with vanilla cream in it! Chocolate frosting and vanilla cream. It's every girl's dream. 8/10

Cupid's Choice Donut: Aw yeah, a Valentine's donut with no nut. It's a boston creme but with strawberry frosting and a TON of pink and white sprinkles. Maybe too many sprinkles, but it was good and moist and seasonal. 7/10

Cinnamon Raisin Bagel: I got this for National Bagel Day, since the app doesn't have many bagel flavor options. They also only had butter and plain cream cheese, so I got it with butter. At first bite, it was really disappointing -- chewy, wet with butter, and really flavorless. But when it got a little colder, for some reason I got more into it, and enjoyed the whole experience. Very mild cinnamon/raisin flavor though, and I think I'd get it extra toasted in the future. Maybe no butter, I'm not sure how the butter was. Needs more testing! 6/10

Thin Mints Flavor Swirl: This is really really similar to peppermint mocha. It's still good, but nothing super new or special. Also a little bit too sweet for me. 7/10

Coconut Caramel Flavor Swirl: Am not a fan of this. It does have caramel and coconut notes but they are really artificial and gross to me, just like the regular caramel/vanilla swirls which I also dislike. Aftertaste is just like a Samoa though. But not for me. If you like caramel swirl, maybe you'd like this. 4/10

Apple Fritter: Noooo. OK, So I've had these before and it was this large fried dough ball, glazed, with chunks of cinnamon/apple throughout. It was really good. But today I received a glazed plain pastry with apple "jelly filling" inside, which was fine but way less amazing. Apparently Google tells me some places mix the filling with the dough and fry it (Good) and some just insert the filling into dough (Bad). Not sure if anyone still does it the Good way, but for now this is a solid 6/10.

Blueberry Muffin: Very large, which is nice. A standard muffin, not as good as donuts even though it's the same calorie count (or more) but makes you feel healthier somehow. Very crumbly, so eat over a plate or something. Not a very strong blueberry flavor, mostly sweet bread. 6/10

Everything Bagel (w/ garden veggie cream cheese): I was a little nervous about this, because I think sesame seeds and poppy seeds are fine for me, but I wasn't SURE. Anyway I picked most of them off but I was fine. I really prefer onion or whole wheat bagel, but the app doesn't have those, so I got this. It was OK! I really like the veggie cream cheese, anyway. 6/10

Chipotle Brown Sugar Bacon Egg, and Cheese (on English Muffin): Turns out I really enjoyed this! I think it is now my favorite DD breakfast sandwich yet. The bacon was very sweet and a tiny bit spicy -- really juicy, moist, meaty, delicious! Maybe just my luck but the egg tasted fresh and 'real'er than normal too. 8/10

Coffee Roll: Yay, new bakery! This is big, bigger than a donut, and glazed with a little cinnamony flavor. It basically tastes like a cinnamon roll. Mine was dried out, but I did get it in the afternoon, so I can imagine that moist/fresh this would be really good. The size is nice and the taste is nice and it's only 1.50, so if you feel that a donut just isn't enough, go for this bad boy! 7/10

Sour Cream Donut: This is the closest to an Entenman's regular glazed donut. It's sweet and feels really heavy and dense, in a not great way. Heavy glaze and a different dough base than the tastier, lighter glazed donut. If you hate the rest of DD donuts and only like boxed donuts, try this! 5/10

Plain Bagel (w/ strawberry cream cheese): Plain bagels are super boring, but I don't think cinnamon raisin or everything would have gone with strawberry cream cheese, which I wanted to try, so here we are. Luckily the strawberry cream cheeser was pretty good, so this was a sweet (but not too sweet), comforting carby time. They also cooked the bagel just right though, which is rare. Bagel is boring and plain, the strawberry had a few small chunks of berry and I think it's basically just Philadelphia strawberry cream cheese (which I do like). A nice treat. 6/10

Cold Brew: This month DD is hyping the cold brew, maybe because it costs a dollar more than the iced coffee. I don't think it's worth an extra dollar but since I like coffee I like this. It's really really similar to iced coffee, except perhaps a bit sweeter/smoother/less bitter. I think I would prefer this with no sugar (I usually get sugar in iced coffee). It was OK. 6/10

Coffee Cake Muffin: This was a tasty breakfast! Just a nice moist sweet cinnamony coffee cake crumble. Plenty of calories to get your day started, too! The muffins are always a little hard to eat the bottom of (I recommend a spoon and a napkin), but tasty. 7/10

Cosmic Pineapple Coolatta: Haha. I think this is my first coolatta, so I don't have much of a metric here, but this was really really sweet. Not that icy, either, just really syrupy. It's also awkward to order ("Now, when you say 'cosmic'...") but it does look really fun and space-y. I didn't get much of a pineapple flavor (or blue raspberry), just generic sweet and candy-like flavor. But I did drink it all. It also doubled as lunch, so I guess it was filling! 5/10

Royal Love Donut: It's for the royal wedding! Who cares about that, I want donuts. This is jelly with chocolate frosting (and strawberry stripe), which is a bad combo. The jelly is too sweet. I don't love it, but I like the heart shape. Weird texture. 6/10
- - -

Laura says: This is a weird donut/ice cream shoppe? I found that kind of cool, I guess, though Kati can't eat the ice creams. But I do like donuts a lot and they're pretty cheap. Their frosted donut wasn't that great because the bottom of it was kind of dryer than I think most donuts are? It was a donut and this place was a donut shop. No big opinions.

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