Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dunkin Donuts

What!? A food allergy person eating dunkin donuts?! I know, I was surprised too, but my allergic friend Rachel told me that they're actually fairly nut-free. I gasped and then checked their nice website, and it's true! So I'm going to be trying a lot of donuts over the coming weeks, I fear...

Boston Kreme Donut: This is a custardy cream filled donut with chocolate frosting. it's really good, but I would prefer a white cream inside. Still good though, especially the non-cream parts. 7.5/10

Glazed Donut: Classic, right? It was actually a little dry, but overall pretty good. I liked it. Yum. 6/10

Blueberry Cake Donut: This is like a bagel or blueberry muffin that somebody glazed accidentally! It's really moist, but not what I want to eat when I want a donut. 6/10

Lucky Mint Donut: Sooo this has like 1000% fats in it and I just want to say I ate all these different donuts FOR SCIENCE, okay? Anyway, this is a choco donut with choco frosting and soft little peppermint pieces on top. I don't really like choco flavor cake stuff, but if I did I would like this. The mint part is really good anyway. 7/10

Vanilla Kreme Filled Donut: Aha! Regular Kreme. That's what I want in a Kreme. However the outside was crusty and tasted kind of like stale coffee....I hope I just got a bad one because the kreme is really nice. Why Kreme? This isn't Krispy Kreme. Oh well. 7/10

Vanilla Frosted with Rainbow Sprinkles: I didn't like this one too much; it was kind of dry or stale and the frosting wasn't great. I suspect it was expired! ;) Also I like filled or glazed donuts much better so this was just a bad pick by me. 5.5/10

Strawberry frosted with Sprinkles: Pretty good! The frosting actually tastes like strawberry (flavoring)! 7/10

Chocolate Frosted with Sprinkles: Meh. Better than vanilla, but nothing remarkable. 6/10

Oreo Crunch Donut: Ooh, it's on special. Tastes ok, but a bit messy and could use some filling or something. 6/10

Jelly donut: The donut part is good, covered in sugar; but the inside is meh. 6/10

French Cruller: Better than I thought! Kind of like glazed but a different texture; a bit like a funnel cake.  I liked it. 7/10

Cinnamon Cake Donut: Nooooooo. Tastes OK, if you like a thick, dry cake. 4/10

Iced Coffee: Pretty good. Pumpkin and caramel flavor, also good. Vanilla flavor is a little too cloying, I don't recommend that. (Original is best though).

Hot coffee: See above. Smaller but still good. I've been getting these (with cream or black) since they added the peel&win promotion, and I keep winning wake-up wraps, but anyway, hot coffee isn't as tasty as iced coffee and it makes me kind of sleepy, but it's a comforting warm drink on a cold day. like a cozy hot chocolate, but with the bonus of making me feel like an office drone (one of my favorite private fantasies). 8/10

Frozen Coffee: Good, but bad for you! A decadent treat. 8/10

Egg and cheese wake-up wrap: Super cheap, but terrible. The egg is the worst egg I ever tasted. 2/10

Hot Latte: nice, feels luxe, maybe bad if you're lactose intolerant, but i enjoyed it all the way :) plus no sugar! yay! 8/10

Turkey Sausage Wake-up wrap: a marked improvement over the no-meat option, but you can still kind of taste the floral notes. It's more filling though and the sausage is good. 4/10

Egg and cheese (on english muffin): OK, definitely better egg than the wrap, but still has a weird "DD" taste which is kind of floral and definitely no bueno. at least it has fiber? 4/10

Pumpkin Munchkin: This was great! Apparently I'm not allergic to munchkins, praise the lord. It tasted like a sweet pumpkin spice cake. 7/10

Glazed Chocolate Munchkin: Like an Entenmann's chocolate donut, so tasty but a little too rich for my blood. At least it's tiny! 5/10

Glazed Munchkin: I'm not sure how this is different from a "Glazed Cake Munchkin", but it's amazing. Warning: 10 of them is like 700 calories. I know because I ate 10 of them. 8/10

Bacon Egg and Cheese (on English Muffin): So there's a deal for Bacon Egg Cheese on a croissant, which sounds good, but apparently croissants may contain nuts (like for real and not just their blanket warning). So I got english muffin. I couldn't really taste the bacon, but this is healthier and I didn't get the weird floral taste. Maybe I was hungry or maybe I'm getting used to it? 6/10

Ham Egg and Cheese (on English Muffin): This ham is like the McDonalds "ham", but worse! It's super weird and thick and salty. The egg this time was noticeably really egg-producty, watery, flaky, etc, which is also bad (although at least I didn't get that weird floral taste). Back to the drawing board (or to bagels). 4/10

Chocolate Frosted Donut: Was disappointed that this didn't have sprinkles, but actually it was pretty good. The frosting is just the right thickness and really tastes chocolatey. 6/10

Glazed Chocolate Cake Donut: Just like the munchkin, this is not great for me. Makes sense as I don't like cake donuts or chocolate cake very much. A strong Entenmann's vibe for sure. 5/10

Old Fashioned Cake Donut: Ugh, just so dry and boring. The worst choice that won't kill you. 4/10

Chocolate Frosted Donut: Surprised me with how good it was. Mine was fresh, moist, with just enough icing that had a real chocolate taste. Great work 7/10.

Iced Tea: Once I was sick so I got this instead of coffee. It comes with lemon and sugar if you want. When I was sick it was pretty great, though I don't want it any other time. But it's refreshing and good. 6/10

Brown Sugar Cinnamon Flavor Swirl: Only tried this in the iced coffee, but to be honest, it tastes exactly like the pumpkin spice flavor. Which I guess makes sense, as this tastes mainly like cinnamon and milk. It's OK, but by December I'm kind of over it. 6/10

Peppermint Mocha Flavor Swirl: This is a classic for a reason! It might be too sweet for iced coffee and too oniony in hot coffee (or is that the coffee??) but in a latte it's perfect. Basically a cheap version of starbucks. A lovely chocolate mint vibe if you like chocolate and mint at all. 9/10

Bacon Egg and Cheese wake up wrap:  You can't really taste the bacon in this, but they use American yellow cheese so it kind of tasted like a small grilled cheese in a tortilla, which isn't the worst thing. Plus only 200 calories! 5/10

- - -

Laura says: This is a weird donut/ice cream shoppe? I found that kind of cool, I guess, though Kati can't eat the ice creams. But I do like donuts a lot and they're pretty cheap. Their frosted donut wasn't that great because the bottom of it was kind of dryer than I think most donuts are? It was a donut and this place was a donut shop. No big opinions.

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