Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hungry Man Popcorn Chicken and Honey Rum BBQ Sauce

First thought: Wow, these Hungry Man dinners sure are bigger than lean cuisines! At roughly the same price when not on sale, it makes me feel like I'm wasting serious money on buying lean cuisines and the like. But for some reason, I keep doing it, possibly because Hungry-Mans (Hungry-Men?) don't leave me feeling too great afterwards. Anyway, on to the review.
The popcorn chicken here is fairly tasty and fairly large. They're basically 6 round chicken nuggets with a bit flakier of a coating than normal. Fun fact: after eating most chicken nuggets, I have an slight allergic reaction and get all itchy - I have no idea what it is, but kid's cuisine, banquet, swanson - all their chicken is right out. These chicken didn't cause any reaction, though, which I thought was cool. Maybe they don't use as many preservatives or something. (As you can see, my specific allergies are a mystery even to me.) But so the chicken is pretty good! It doesn't even require sauce, which is good, because the "spiced rum bbq sauce" isn't my favorite. It's got a strong flavor, and it's kind of sweet and - spiced, I guess? So a little goes a long way, and I didn't really use it much. The green beans have tiny onions mixed in, and they're just average. Not too crispy, but not inedible or anything. Same for the mashed potatoes - they're OK, I ate them all, but they could have used a bit more flavor.

Cost: 7/10
Taste: 5/10

Laura says "Chicken nuggets and potatoes, yum yum! I like the sauce but not the beans. 7/10"

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