Saturday, January 29, 2011

Vermont Nut Free Truffles (6 flavors)

Mmm, nut-free truffles, a dream come true! These guys really don't disappoint, they're packed attractively in a little box and for the most part, they taste great. My flavor breakdown is as follows:
Dark Raspberry Truffles - These are dark chocolate with 3 lines of dark chocolate on top. I really like this flavor, although it's very rich and dark-chocolatey overall, so definitely don't eat the whole thing in one bite!
Mocha Truffles - These are milk chocolate with several lines of dark chocolate drizzled on top. I'm not a huge mocha fan, but given that, these were very good and I'd never turn one down. The inside is a dark chocolate/mocha filling, and it goes nicely with the milk choco outside. If you actually LIKE mocha, I'm sure you'd love this truffle.
Milk Chocolate Truffles - these are GREAT! Probably my favorite flavor. They're milk chocolate with a spiral of milk chocolate on top. The inside doesn't taste like regular chocolate, though - it's very very soft and creamy, and I originally thought it was supposed to be caramel flavored. It reminds me a little of a Cadbury caramel egg, only tastier. Highly recommended!
Dark Chocolate Truffles - Pretty tasty! These are dark chocolate with a dark chocolate 'X' on top. They're also quite rich, but a little less so than the raspberry ones. Pretty straightforward - smooth dark chocolate in a truffle.
Black Forest Truffles - A million 'yum's! These are dark chocolate with white chocolate stripes, and the inside is a cherry/milk chocolate/creamy delight. Not too fruity or saccharine like straight up chocolate covered cherries (which I also love) but sweet, and, again, a bit caramely. Very good, definitely one of my favorites.
Orange-Apricot Truffles - these are kind of odd. they're white chocolate with a bit of dried apricot on top and a small 'x' of milk chocolate - they look very cute, but the inside is a strange combo of white chocolate/orange flavor with bits of dried apricots throughout. I think the white chocolate has a strange aftertaste (not just a fluke, then) and the bits of apricot don't exactly class up the truffle. Maybe I just don't like apricot as much as I thought, so if you like dried apricots this might be good for you. Personally, though, it was by far my least favorite and I would not eat a whole one again!

Cost: 4/10
Rating: 8.5/10

Laura doesn't like fruit flavors, so she couldn't fairly rate these. But she said they looked good! :)

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