Thursday, August 27, 2015

BIC Soleil Glow Razors

OK, I know, this isn't a food, but I just got a free pack of these razors from BIC & BzzAgent in exchange for an honest review. And you know I love to give an honest review! :) And it is worth noting that even though these razors come with a gel strip for smooth shaving, there's no nut oils or butters in it. Safety first!

Alright, so at the age of 26 I'm pretty set in my shaving ways. Same razor, same shaving cream - why mess with perfection? But given the opportunity to try out a new razor (BIC Soleil Glow, keep up!) I realised there was room for improvement in my current razor situation. The main benefit, as ridiculous as it might sound, is that the caps on these razors slide on from the side, and they aren't super easy to take off. Therefore the cap always stays on! No more "Where's the cap? Oh well, I'll just let it rust" or "Where's the cap? Oh, I stepped on it and cut my foot, ha ha" situations. Really good stuff. Otherwise, these look like your typical lady razor: pretty colors (pink, blue, purple), curvy handle, 3 blades, easy to hold. I applied my typical shaving gel (Gillette, if you're curious) and shaved it up. The razor feels really, really smooth. Disconcertingly so, almost, like I wasn't getting the hair at all. It was effective though, and I got into the smooth feeling after a while. Kind of like rubbing a dinner plate over my body but somehow there were secret blades in there. So that was cool.

The razor lasts a while, or at least as long as any other disposable razor. However, I did get more razor burn than usual after I used this, so maybe that's the tradeoff - smooth, close shave, bound to come with a little irritation. If you get a good deal on these, I recommend trying them out, although I'll need a few more weeks to decide if I want to make the switch permentantly myself. I'll keep ya posted!

Cost: 10/10 (thanks, BIC) but in general, 6/10
Shave: 8/10

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