Tuesday, December 29, 2015

InnovAsian Chicken & Broccoli

Wow! As you may know, the quest for nut-free Chinese food is among my most difficult and desired. So whenever I go to a new grocery store, I check to see if there is anything which might fulfill this craving. Enter Wal-Mart, and enter this delicious meal which is also so easy to prepare. You microwave the chicken and broccoli and pour some sauce over it. I thought "this is probably going to be gross" and then when I smelled the sauce, which was gingery and sweet, I thought "oh no...". But I was wrong! I was very wrong! This is filling and delicious and actually tastes pretty similar to (not great) takeout Chinese!! It IS a little bit sweet and spicy, kind of like General Tso's, and the chicken is breaded, but it's really good tasting chicken and the sauce is really nice. The broccoli is fine; nothing to rave about, but the chicken is really good. I only used about half of the sauce and this seemed to be the right amount. Glory hallelujah!

Cost: 4/10 (I don't remember but I think it was about 7$ -- not so great for 1 nice meal)
Taste: 9/10 !

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