Sunday, June 9, 2013

TGI Friday's

For some reason, I never really liked TGI Friday's, but now I do! They have an allergy menu (standard disclaimer: you may still die) which is nice. Here are foods I have enjoyed there:

Spinach Dip: always a fun app! good dip, strong chips, nice work.

Jack Daniel's Burger (w/ sweet potato fries): excellent burger, excellent fries, excellent.

Carmel Cake: A Safe Dessert!! Pretty standard cake slice, dollop of vanilla ice cream, but very enjoyable. yum.

Taste + Share plates: Sliders (good!), Bruschetta (decent!), hibachi skewers (meat+veg good, but the pita not so much...)

parmesan crusted chicken: way better than I thought; just one chicken breast with some cheesey topping, cheesy potatos, and really good broc. just the right amount, at 700 cals. 8/10

acai berry sour: solid drink
jackberry smash: grate!
ultimate sangria: nice!

Cost: 6/10
Taste: 8/10

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