Friday, September 7, 2012

Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookie Cake

I saw this new product in the frozen aisle and got pretty excited! I love new things, and being in a state of school-sponsored depression, today was the perfect time to sample a new cake. Apparently PepFarm is having their 75th Anniversary, therefore releasing a ton of new products. I think this is a good idea, but ultimately it isn't very different from their existing white cake with chocolate icing. It just has little cookie crumbles on top. Now if the cake itself were made of cookie parts, we'd have something to talk about! It's still a great tasting freezer cake though, the frosting is good and the cake is moist. But for the seriously extreme fat-sugar-calories you're getting with this cake, the flavor isn't justified (in my opinion). If you're a huge milano fan it's worth a try though, since it does taste a lot like a milano in cake form.

Cost: 7/10 [3.00]
Taste: 6/10

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