Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Deer Park Tavern

This place is pretty great! I came for the trivia, but I'll stay for the food. They always have a really good deal/special on weeknights, like huge 4 dollars pizzas or nachos or something. I'm not too clear on their allergen policy overall, but whenever I ask about a particular dish, they check on the ingredients for me and assure me it's safe. No trouble so far!

California Cobb Salad: This sucker is huge and it comes with a lot of meat. It's really good though. Bacon and cheese I could do without. And the weird green olives. But it's a lot of meat. You can't dislike a lot of meat!!

Sweet Potato Fries: These are always really good! Yum!

Greek Pizza: Eh. It's really cheesy and it has brocco, which is nice, but it also has stupid olives.

Margarita Pizza: Really varies. When the cheese is fresh, then it's a decent eat. Just cheese and sauce!

Side of broccoli: I get this because it's the only vegetable available. Sadly it's not very good, just a small dish of plain broccoli (no butter or seasonings). A good snack to feel like you're eating but not killing your heart though. And there's pepper and salt on the table.

Taco Salad: This is cheap and really filling, but lately they've been skimping on the dirty rice (which is good and has bacon randomly in it) so I think I may need to step away. Huge taco shell, some avo, lettuce, tomato, rice, and salsa. And sour cream. It's good but bloaty. 6/10

Traditional Wings: I like the BBQ sauce, it's a standard BBQ (think Domino's wings) and they don't skimp on it either. Plus 2 little celeries! They give you like 8 wings, it's a good time. The Buffalo flavor is dry and bad though. 6/10

Taste: 8/10
Cost: 7/10

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